Monday, 10 April 2017

Table Lamp

Hello everyone, here I saw you the  handmade table lamp.

First collect all the useful materials which will be used to make table lamp. Than clean your glass bottle. let it dry.

Paint it with acrylic colors. You can paint any design whichever you like and paint it as per your choice.

I love to paint with free hand, here I directly painted this floral design by brush with acrylic colors. Before that, for background I applied one coat of  black pearl color to the bottle. let it dry. If needed apply second coat.

Than I painted it with acrylic colors. Most of the colors I used directly from acrylic bottle. Some of them  are made with two different acrylic colors. Just mix those colors as per your requirement and you will get new color.

The best thing of the acrylic colors is you don't need any medium and if you want to make your own color or to make light or dark color you can make it with mixing two or more colors.
There are many different colors are available and It is very easy to use directly from bottle if you are little bit expert in painting :)

When you complete the painting on glass bottle, let it dry.

Now put lampshade as pr your choice, and connect wire with plug. I used low voltage bulb.

Since my glass bottle is hand painted, I used simple and plain off white color lampshade to give it an unique look. There are many different types of lampshades available in the market or you can make it by your own self. :)

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