Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bottle Decorated With Woolen String

Hello every one,
Here I am showing you how to decorate glass bottle with string.

You can use any type of colorful string to make this type of bottle. Here I use pink colored woolen string.

I painted this bottle with shiny blue acrylic color. then, I used marker pen to mark the point where I have to stick the string, woolen string to make design, glue for stick the woolen string on glass surface, yellow anchor string for hide the starting point.

After finishing the string work, I bundle the string with flexi rubber band. Then I decorate all small partition of bottle with yellow polka dots. I used cotton buds stick to make same size polka dots.

Now my bottle is ready to hang. :)
You can add extra stuff on bottle. Like woolen flowers, pearl etc. 
You can use this bottle as hanging showpiece in living room or balcony.

Handpainted colourful vase

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