Monday, 27 June 2016

Rainbow Glass Bottle

Hello Everyone,

Here I am showing you an easy way to create hand painted glass bottle.
Everyone loves to see rainbow. It gives us an amazing feeling when we see rainbow.
I painted the glass bottle, which is inspired by rainbow. It is a very easy to paint and yet it looks beautiful.

You can see the original glass color between two painted strips. At that area I put cellotape for equal partition. Then I painted the particular strip with different colors. 

To create a rainbow design on glass, I used rainbow colors. like, violet,green,yellow,orange,etc. Some of them are made with mixture of two different colors. like, orange and parrot green colors.

When the painted strips get dried, I removed the cellotape which were pasted between two painted strips.

And I got this amazing hand painted glass bottle. Now you can see a rainbow everyday..!!

You can use this hand painted glass bottle as a show piece or as a flower vase.

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