Monday, 13 June 2016

How To Clean Glass Bottle

This is the process for how we can clean the glass bottle :

  • First of all, get some used glass bottles. It may be tomato ketchup bottle, wine or whisky bottle or any other glass bottle whatever you want to reuse.
  • First clean the bottle from inside with normal water. If  it smells bad than take some drops of shampoo or pinch of washing powder and mix it with water than clean the bottle with that water.

  • Now for outside of the glass bottle. There will be some brand labels on bottle. That is the stickers which we have to remove first.
  • Let the bottle soak for around 1 to 3 hour in normal water.Take bottle outside and rub the sticker. If it do not work, scrub it with brush to remove unwanted label.
  • Now clean the bottle with towel or cotton cloth. let it be dry. Now you can use it for any other purpose.
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