Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Clay Port

Hello everyone,

Here I am showing you how to paint a clay port.

I had a small clay port which I was not using for any work. So, I painted it and now using it as a flower port.

It is very easy to paint a clay port. I used metallic spray to give a shiny look to the port and painted the strips with acrylic color.

I could use that port as stationary holder, pen stand,flower port. I want to use it as a flower port. So, I make it simple as possible.You can paint any designs as per your choice and requirement.

For tutorial, check these images..
First of all, Port should be not wet. If it will be wet you can not able to apply paint color on it, and it will look different than original paint colors.

Here, I used dry clay port. For making an even strips I used sellotapes. It will be easy to paint other portion.

Now, use the metallic spray paint to paint the port.Here, I used gold metallic spray paint to give a golden shiny look. Let it dry for 5 minutes, then remove sellotapes. You can see the original color of the clay port on those strips.

Paint those strips with acrylic color. Here, I used blue acrylic color for all the strips.
Rainbow design pattern also looks great on this port. Check this tutorial, Rainbow Glass bottle

The flowers in these images are made from Pistachio shell. For tutorial, You can see my next post How to make flower from Pistachio shell.

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